Shelter in place orders have apparently brought on some extreme cases of “Cabin Fever” for some folks, there were reports of a huge house party in Chicago last weekend and just yesterday armed protesters showed up at a session of the Michigan State legislature to press lawmakers to override the governor and reopen the state. The Republician majority voted to sue the Governor. The suit challenges the governor’s authority and actions to combat COVID19. The governor issued new orders stating that an emergency still exists and issued a new effective order through May 28th. This comes on the heels of the state of Georgia opening back up for business, 26 other states are set to do the same in the coming days. We already know the economic cost of covid19, many states are forecasting budget shortfalls because tax collections have been impacted, the stimulus package passed by congress has not reached a lot of small businesses that need help. But big business has been well served prompting a lot of questions and moving at least one national restaurant chaing to return the money it recieved. Issaquena County Mississippi a small rural delta county along the Mississippi river is unsual, they have no COVID19 cases. What’s the key to them being corona free well apparently they were sheltering in place before everybody else, due to back water flooding from the river. People who live there say they are following all the COVID19 safety tips and visitors are few due to the flooding. This is an usual case compared to the rest of the country but seems to suggest that “shelter in place” can work. There were over 58.000 U.S.casualties during the Vietnam war, as of today COVID19 deaths have surpassed 60.000, As cries to get things back to normal get louder, remember there will be a new normal things will never be the same, and I guess the question for our leaders will be whats the acceptable number of  corona casualties.

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