Comic, TV Host and Author Steve Harvey told a story about his childhood. When he was 9 years old his teacher asked him to write down what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wrote that he wanted to be on TV, he figured that if Bill Cosby could be on “I Spy ” he could be on TV too. However his teacher thought differently, and sent him home with the note pinned to his shirt and called his mom and said he was being smart. His mother told his dad about the incident when he got home, Steve said his dad was the one who handed out the wippings and he thought he was going to get one. His dad asked him what happened? he told him how he answered the question. Much to his surprise his dad responded “Well whats wrong with that?” and told him to go to his room Steve thought he was still going to git a whipping and was preparing for the worst when his dad told him to write down something he thought the teacher would find acceptable and take it to school. then he told him to put the paper with “I want to be on TV” in his top drawer and look at it every morning and night. Now we see Seve Harvey on TV at least 5 days a week. I am reminded of my own experience, as a high school student is was on my schools “Quiz’em on the Air” team. We competed against other area schools answering current events questions on topics found in the Memphis based Commerical Appeal Newspaper. We normally spent the week before a match studying at school, but when a winter storm closed the school the week before a match one of our advisor-coachs asked a former Elementary teacher who lived near me to bring me to the school. When she picked me up, she asked about the team and then proceeded to tell me she was surprised to be picking me up because she didn’t know I was that smart, I could not believe what had come out of her mouth, how could she just count me out like that? thats why I am so greatful that there have been so many people in my life who like Steve’s father believed in me.


KidsZone held the 3RD Saturday in each month at St. Luther M.B. Church 1040 st. Jackson MS. and you are invited to bring your children ages 3-12. Kids Zone is a place where kids can be kids while learning about Jesus. kids and teens  facilitators participate in Praise and Worship, group lessons, games , crafts and more. lunch is also provided. Simply register by texting your name and cell# to 769-798-5647 activites start at 11:30am.

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