Picture this you go into Walmart or your favorite shopping spot, and pick a half gallon of your favorite ice cream only to get home and see that someone has opened and licked it!. This would not be a good day in your life particularly if you ate some before you realized something wasn’t right. But social media has made a video go viral of a young girl licking from a container of Blue Bell ice cream, then putting it back in the freezer case of a Lufkin, Texas Walmart. Rest assured the container was found by store employees and removed. But think about this, some on social media have called for this to become a challenge like the “Ice Bucket challenge” or numerous activites we have seen posted on Instagram or Facebook. Most of these so called challenges are innocent like the one I saw CBS News anchor Willis Geist perform, doing a spinning round house kick to twist off a bottle cap. The only danger he, could have ripped his pants. This kind of activity is considered illegal food tampering, it’s not something to be played with. The girl in the video was identified and charges will be filed against her in youth court. because she’s under 17 other wise she would be charged as an adult. In any event a silly spur of the moment decision will haunt her for a long time, she probably doesn’t like ice cream anymore.


KidsZone held the 3RD Saturday in each month at St. Luther M.B. Church 1040 st. Jackson MS. and you are invited to bring your children ages 3-12. Kids Zone is a place where kids can be kids while learning about Jesus. kids and teens  facilitators participate in Praise and Worship, group lessons, games , crafts and more. lunch is also provided. Simply register by texting your name and cell# to 769-798-5647 activites start at 11:30am.

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