The coronavirus has done the unthinkable derailed a thriving economy, closed schools, businesses,churches and more. As I write this we are entering our first full week of a Shelter in Place order here in Mississippi. We have never seen anything like this, our parents and grand parents probably never saw anything close to this unless it was during times of war. This time the World Wide foe is an evil virus whose effect is far reaching and deadly. The shelter in place order will be in place for two weeks. The U.S. Surgeon said over the weekend that Americans should brace themselves fror a Pearl Harbor Moment this week. As the American death toll nears 10.000. I think saying this is serious is an understatement, The CDC says everyone should be wearing a mask now. But President Donald Trump says he won’t wear one, and he sees light at the end of the tunnel-I pray it’s not a train for his sake and ours. Based on how Covid-19 has played out in various European countries we know that the worse is yet to come, in a number of states the medical care infrastructure is sorely lacking, as is the case here in Mississippi. Rural county hospitals are often the exception not the norm in areas of low population. So when I hear that they need 36.000 ventilators in New York it’s frighting to think that a small county hospital in Mississippi may have fewer than 10. The other hot item in this crisis is face masks, can’t find one anywhere, if I stop by a store on the way home today i’ll be wearing a bandanna over my face. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is asking for home sewn mask donations. This in addition to new or unused N95 masks, this is because the Mississippi Department of Health has directed all health care professiionals to wear a mask while at work. Donations will allow UMMC to conserve PPE masks for employees working in direct patient care areas. If you are handy with a swening machine go on Facebood and look up Laura Richards Vick’s page and watch her tutorial on making masks. Stay safe!

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