It started out as “Decoration day” three years after the end of the Civil War, when a former Union general called for a way to honor fallen servicemen.  and for years Americans observed the holiday on May 30th. It was in 1971 the federal government offically designated the last Monday in May as Memorial Day. After a little reserch I discovered that there are some specific customs for paying respect for fallen service members on Memorial Day. 1. Flying the US flag at half staff until noon, 2.Observing a moment of silence at 3:00pm local time and placing flags or flowers on veterans graves. This particular Memorial is poignant for me because I had three brothers in the US Army at the same time, all enlisted within 30 days of each other. When I spoke to my mother about their decisions, she told me don’t even think about going to the Army I said ok but later I seriously considered the Air Force, I just never told her. My brothers served honorably and were discharged. I am proud of all of them! My brother Sonny was the oldest of the three and next to me in age, he made a career of the army and saw the world while raising a family abroad. At his funeral a little over two months ago a fellow soldier spoke of my brothers kindness and willingness to help and teach others. He also said that Sargent Davis also prayed that he would never have to kill anyone. God answered his prayer, after 10 months in Iraq he came home without a strach, and no doubt he was ready to but he didn’t have to fire a shot at anyone. Today we remember those who layed down their lives on battlefields all over the world in service to this nation. Thank you for your service.

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