President Trumps decision the use his authority the declare a National Emergency to access billions of dollars to build his promised border wall. Is not sitting well with democrates or republicans either. Some members of the presidents party questioned the    Presidents National Emergency Delclaration after congress rejected spending over seven billion on a border wall. Under such a declaration money can be pulled from the Department of Defense and Homeland Secutrity as well as other agencies. This authority was granted to tyhe office of the president during the 94th Congress, many in the current 116th Congress feel the power is too broad and the current declaration is not appropriate. Sen. Mitch McConnell senate Majority leader said if lawmakers are  not happy with the law it should be amended. Its been reported that almost a third of the republician caucus is supporting legislation written by Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, that would require Congress to pass a resolution approving furure national emergency declarations within 30 days. Under the bill as its currently written without congressional approval an emergency declaration would be terminated after 30 days. It seems that not every American is willing to help the president pay for an outlandish campaign promise,


KidsZone held the 3RD Saturday in each month at St. Luther M.B. Church 1040 st. Jackson MS. and you are invited to bring your children ages 3-12. Kids Zone is a place where kids can be kids while learning about Jesus. kids and teens  facilitators participate in Praise and Worship, group lessons, games , crafts and more. lunch is also provided. Simply register by texting your name and cell# to 769-798-5647 activites start at 11:30am.

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