Whatever is going on in the world sooner or later will make it to your doorstep. Case in point this weeks termination of three Jackson Police officers and their supervisor after an Internal Affairs investigation revealed he likely died from strangulation and suffocation according to a report from the state medical examiner. 31 year old Mario Clark who was having a schizophrenic episode when his mother call police for help with him on February 14th. Shelia Ragland his mother wanted help transporting him to a hospital. Despite her pleas she says the officers beat Clark to death. Mrs. Ragland said she was glad the officers were fired and that what went on at her house will come to light. She went on to say that she wanted the officers prosecuted and sent to jail. We have heard about cases like this playing out all over the country, so I wont bore you with the numerous names of those whom justice didn’t serve when they encounterd police. Now this incident is not indicative of the Jackson ploice department, I know a lot of officers who work or have worked for the  Department. They are decent people who are committed to protecting and serving the people of Jackson, and at the end of their shift just want to go home to their families. But what happened here? was one paranoid schizophrenic more than three officers could handel? Did they forget all their training?it appears those answers will come out in a court of law..







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