It’s hot again today, i’m not sure what the weather was like on this day 232 years ago, when the U.S Constitution was signed in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It’s not a perfect manifesto, obviously there are some things that crafters of this document could not have forseen and lawmakers have subsequently delt with in the form of amendments. The delegates at this meeting witness the birth of a new nation. and the document got it’s name from 81 year old Benjamin Franklin who moved to call it the U.S. Constitution. It’s built on the provisions and vision of divine rights from a Creator God and a submission to God as the Great Judge of the universe in the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776. According to Sam Rohrer President of the American Pastors Network  and radio host, “the substance of of this gathering and the contents of this document, recognized by many as the most inspiring, enduring and life-changing document outside the Bible, have been lost, ignored or rewritten”. He went on to say that the very essence of the document was under attack fron every anti-God and anti-freedom ideology from Marxism, Socialism, Communism to Islam”. That having been said what about internal attacks? what about governing by executive order, there by by passing Congress and the Senate and eliminating the possibility for questions about the action reqested. I know some changes were made to the Constitution expanding executive powers in time of emergency, but they may need to be revisited. and the same would be true whether there was a Democrat or Republican in the White House. We have seen markets rattled with tweet, and longtime friendships with other nations come into question because of erratic behavior from current leadership. The U.S. is no longer seen as that stable leader in the west. And while I don’t particularly believe nation building unless invited in assist, I don’t believe in isolationism either. I also don’t believe is wise to start a trade war with a country we owe billions to. These are precarious time we live in.






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