President Trump says there was no “Quid Pro Quo” with regards to his mutiple requests to the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Bidens son Hunter as well as Joe Biden himself. Now these requests are the one thing that finally made the House of Represenatives pull the trigger on impeachment. Now he has done it again, this time he revealed in front of reporters that he asked China to investigate the Biden’s. Presumably Hunter Biden did some work with a China based entergy company too. I think President Trump’s “Bull in the china shop Mentality” prevents him from realizing that even though he’s president there are still some things he can’t do. And even if there’s no fire a wisp of smoke will stoke the fires of controversy. Late night talk host Jimmy Kimmel quipped “Is he trying to impeach himself ?” after the China remarks. Frankly with the raging trade war I don’t think China is going to lift a finger to help Trump do anything, besides it’s against the U.S. constitution for a foreign country to interfere with the political goings on in America. One things for sure Vice President Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani know that Trumps not going down by himself, he’s already thown these two under the Ukraine bus but there was “No Quid Pro Quo”.

KidsZone held the 3RD Saturday in each month at St. Luther M.B. Church 1040 st. Jackson MS. and you are invited to bring your children ages 3-12. Kids Zone is a place where kids can be kids while learning about Jesus. kids and teens  facilitators participate in Praise and Worship, group lessons, games , crafts and more. lunch is also provided. Simply register by texting your name and cell# to 769-798-5647 activites start at 11:30am.

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