George Floyds family will say goodbye this morning at 11:00AM during a private service at the Houston church where he grew up. Thousands of morners filed through the church Monday saying their final goodbyes. Since his death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer two weeks ago, America has reeled as protests, riots and looting have punctuated the calls for police reform. Former presidential canidate Senator Cory Booker has co- authored a bill aimed at reforming police tactics and pealing away some of the protection officers have when people die in their custody. I was disappointed that our Commander and Chief only wanted to berate governors of states where riots and looting occured for being weak. Stating that they should dominate protesters even if that ment calling out the military. Pentagon officals are the first to point out the the U.S Armed forces are not trained for that. George Floyds death at the hands of a sworn law enforcement officer was the spark that started this fire and apparently those governors realized that strong arm tatics would only add fuel to the fire that was already out of control. I agree with actor Will Smith “Racism has not gotten worse it’s getting filmed” and it rips the cover off and shows the true colors of people like the New York Dem. Representative who was heard on a live mike saying “I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t running for re-election, or Bexar county Texas GOP chairwoman who said she thought the George Floyd death was staged, or even the Petel MS. Mayor who said he didn’t see anything wrong with what the police did in the Floyd arrest. Systemic racism is a cancer in America and unfortunately it permeates the hearts and minds of some people who don’t even realize that their thinking is flawed. Dr.Martin Luther King reminded us that “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”. President Obama often used the phrase to temper the hope his election inspired. He knew he alone couldn’t right all the wrongs in our country, and that it would take many voices speaking in unison to bring about substantive change leading to a level playing field for all people of color.

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