Well it happened again! two people were killed and four others injured after a gunman open fire on the UNC Charlotte campus Tuesday afternoon, he was taken into custody shortly after opening fire by campus police. The suspect Trystan Andrew Terrell remains in jail today as of yet police don’t know what his motive was. The campus was locked down for 12 hours, this last day of classes will forever be marked by this horrific tragedy. The site of the shooting was Kennedy Hall on the east end of the campus in north Charlotte, a town better known for NASCAR and the Tar heels. This takes me back to the luke Woodham and the 1997 Pearl Mississippi shootings, there’s something wrong with our society, and it’s taking us too long to figure it out. These individuals tend to prey on soft targets like a Florida school or a Vagas concert and now another university campus. I grew up with no less than six guns in our house. I own a fire arm now and I admit I would like to know what it’s like to fire an AR-15 or an M-16, but I have never been so enraged with anyone or about anything that I wanted to commit mass murder. We have to figure this out!, No we cant read the minds of people who might do these things but organizations like the NRA need to do more than scream don’t take our guns,we need solutions. Because sooner or later whats happening in the rest of the world will make to your doorstep. It’s like crabgrass it spreads.








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