Somethings are happening, on the local and national level to make law enforcement more accountable. Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued her own executive order after a second man was shot and killed by police at an Atlanta Wendy’s location. The shooting ignited more protests and the fast food location was burned. Other police departments around the country are beefing up rules like requiring officers to keep their body cameras on during traffic stops or calls where they are interacting with the public or face disciplinary action, their also placing an emphasis on de-escalating situations. President Donald Trump was back in the Rose Garden at the White House to announce the signing of an executive order which among other things bands the use of the chokehold unless the officers life is in danger, The order also requires that disciplinary action against officers be reported so that information would be available to all law enforcement agencies since trouble officers often will leave one department and go to another city. Meanwhile both the U.S. House of Repsenatives and the Senate are considering bills that would hopefully change police tactics. I see that ideas have fallen along party lines, Republicans in the Senate have come up with a proposal that would encourage police and law enforcement agencies to refrain from using chokeholds and no-knock warrents under the penalty of withholding federal funds. On the other hand Democratic Repsentatives in the House Have a far more far reaching bill that would mandate certain changes rather than suggest them. We have seen a lot this week NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told NFL teams to consider hiring Colin Kaepernick the former San Francisco quaterback who first took a knee to protest brutality, Quaker Oats owner of the Aunt Jemima brand of breakfast syrup and pancake mix says it will stop using the stereotypical image of a slave woman on it’s packaging. Quaker is a subsidiary of PepsiCo, and the brand is a 130 years old. Quaker says it’s a move to make progress toward racial equality. Who knows maybe a change is gonna come.

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