The movement to change the Mississippi State Flag started with people of color who feel the bars and stars are a throw back to the Confederacy and slavery. The efforts to change it resulted in it being put on the ballot a few years ago, a majority of voters said they wanted to keep it as is. Now in the age of “Black Lives Matter” the subject is back in the news and lawmakers are being urged to pass legislation to remove the current flag before the current session ends. The message from Governor Tate Reeves is let the people of Mississippi deccide, it’s same one we heard from former governors Phil Bryant and Haley Babor. I think the governor needs to step up and show leadership in this instance. Even the Mississippi Baptist Convention says it’s time for a change, at a press conference Tuesday a BSC spokesman said that “the issue of the flag is no longer a political issue because of the racial overtones associated with the flag. Arguing that the issue of the flag is a moral issue and a gospel issue , as the flag does not match up with the Lord’s teaching. The Mississippi Legslative Black Caucus called for immediate action on the flag. MLBC Chair woman Angela Ford said “we want one unifying flag that does not incorporate confederate symbols or conotations. Our constituents, student athletes, and businesses deserve better”. The renewed intrest in changing the flag comes as confederate monuments are being removed from public places around the country, NASCAR banning the confederate flag from it’s races, Quaker Oats announcing it’s will rebrand a popular pancake syrup and pancake mix because of obvious racial overtones in the name and packaging. And of course conferences that govern athletics at the states big three universities announcing that they will not schedule any post season events in Mississippi as long as the current flag flies. All of this should tell the holdouts its time for a change.

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