CORONAVIRUS OR COVID 19, What ever you want to call it! has been up close and personal for me. First a co-worker and her family got it, then I learned a niece in Detroit was recovering from it. Next I call a friend who lived in New Orleans to check on him and his family but got no answer, so I left a message and within the hour learned he had died from the virus 5 days earlier. And the reports keep coming a friend in Florida along with his wife and two younger children, popular gospel artists Bebe Winans and his brother Marvin. Celebrities from the movies TV and the music industry, My sister a health care proviver in Chicago tested positive yesterday. People from all walks of life! everyone is at risk and Washington does not have a grip on this. I guess thats why Maryland Governor Larry Hogan decied not to wait on supplies from Washington and went ahead and ordered 500.000 Coronavirus test kits for his state from South Korea. Here in Mississippi the Universirty of Mississippi Medical Center is assisting with setting up mobile Covid 19 testing sites this week, some of the researchers are working on a finding a cure for the virus and at least one professor is working on a developing a new low cost respirator. Now all these things are good but we the healthy people have do our part. I’m still seeing entire families showing up at the local Walmart without masks or gloves and not practicing social distancing. As Shelter in Place orders begin to expire its going to be critical that we adhere to established protocols to deal with this pandemic like washing our hands for at least 20 seconds , avoid touching your eyes,nose and mouth, cover your cough or sneeze, Stay home if you are sick and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your home, work place and car. Do these things and maybe we can flatten the curve and keep it flat.

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