I knew that one day I would address this, Kanye West has a new gospel CD titled “Jesus is King”, it’s hit number one on at least one chart. he also has a Choir and has held some Sunday morning services. Recently Joel Olsteen pastor of the non-denominational charismatic Lakewood Megachurch in Houston, Texas invited West to his church for service. It’s been suggested that West’s latest moves parallels  artists like Snoop Dog who released a double CD last year. The difference being Snoop drew on his early up bringing having been exposed to gospel music at an earley age. So it was natural that he would reach out to traditional artists like Rance Allen to collaborate on his project, he said he told his mother it was something that he would do one day. And after hosting a cooking show on TV with Martha Stewart I guess it was naturally the next thing for him to do, thats one less thing on his bucket list. West on the other hand has always been a trailblazer, Writer L. Benjamin Rolsky said in a CNN piece that West was more like a Bob Dylan or Prince who wrestled with religion throughout their careers. Indeed West has often appeared to be on the horns of a dilemma, or at the very least torn between two opnions, or whatever you want to call it. I agree that after the success of the ” (HOVA)” song he wrote for Jay-Z it became cool for rappers to mention Jesus in their music. The traditional born again, fire baptized christian may not get Kanya, and thats ok his worship doesn’t have to look or sound  like yours. All he has to do is respect the scripture that says in essence add nothing to my word nor take anything away and he will be ok. We may not understand him but he has the attention of a generation that didn’t get immersed in religon they way many of us did. and as a result they often don’t go to church, and don’t believe.

KidsZone held the 3RD Saturday in each month at St. Luther M.B. Church 1040 st. Jackson MS. and you are invited to bring your children ages 3-12. Kids Zone is a place where kids can be kids while learning about Jesus. kids and teens  facilitators participate in Praise and Worship, group lessons, games , crafts and more. lunch is also provided. Simply register by texting your name and cell# to 769-798-5647 activites start at 11:30am.

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